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Planetary Gear Unit

Deliver Value with the Advanced Gear Technology
STM Power Top Geared Motor
The disadvantages of old type heavy duty geared motor was 8 types of body frames and heavy weigh. In 2016, we proudly developed new heavy duty geared motor(up to 75hp).

The advantages of the product are:

1) Reduced 8 body frames(old type) to 2 body frames : Designing of product or system design is easier before and save time for machine development cost.

2) Reduce maintenance cost : Since the types of gears and pinions are commonly used for wide range of hp, parts replacement cost has significantly saved.

3) Light weight : The vibration of heavy duty geared motor make customers surrounded by loud noise. However, STM Power Top Geared Motor has less vibration with downsized body frame for better high voltage electric power transmission.