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CEO Greeting

Deliver Value with the Advanced Gear Technology
TechnologyEstablished in 1967, we started to produce worm reduction gears in Seoul, Korea. Since after the establishment, we developed the first geared motors to compete with German and Japanese competitors and finally had market share of 70% in Korea market. Our competitive edges are long term experience of gear production and development, fast and precise technical support for our customers. Our goal is to deliver the advanced gear technology with trust, so that customers take advantages from our service.
VarietyWe produce 1) light duty geared motors range from 0.2kw 15kw 2) Worm reduction gears 3) Helical worm reduction gears 4) Heavy duty geared motors range from 2.2kw to 55kw 5) Planetary reduction gears. As the production range getting wide, the complexity of production and quality assurance has been increased. However, our highly experienced production team and system provide stable quality with fast delivery service.
FacilityWe had invested around 5 million USD from 2010 to 2011 to modernize our production facility. Also, we have spent 5% of our sales revenue for product development. As the result, we maintain the leading technology in the industry.
TrustTo increase the satisfaction rate of our customers, we always consider the request from customers. The production, technology, and sales service should be advanced in every year because the value for our customer is the most important issue for us. All of S.T.M employee has mindset of deliver higher service than customers expected.