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Power Top Geared Motor

Deliver Value with the Advanced Gear Technology
Power Top Geared Motor
The application of Power Top Geared Motor are movement of large stone or mining facility, main power of car lifting for auto parking system, and metal processing, rolling machines. Since the reliability is critical in heavy duty geared motor application, we focus on quality.

All the gears and pinions are inspected by gear testing machines after using brand new gear grinding machine installed 2016.

Before deliver the product, we test all the machines before painting to reduce the risk of quality problem.
제품구분 형번 구성 모터용량(kw) 모터사양 비율구분 감속비
TG 2165 H3 220 H01 R 030
    Horizontal 3P 하이젠기본   1:30

Phase Single, Three
Pole 4p, 6p
Motor Capacity 2.2, 3.7, 5.5, 7.5 , 11, 15, 19, 22, 30, 37, 45, 55, 75kw
Frame 2165, 2200, 2225, 2300,2350, 2420, 2520, 3165, 3200, 3225, 3255, 3300, 3350, 3420, 3520
Placing Foot Mounted, Flange Mounted, Line-power
Motor Type Standard, High-Efficiency
Motor Voltage 220/380v, 440v
Frequency 50hz, 60hz
Reduction Ratio 1:10 ~ 1:150

모터/비율별 Frame 선정 기준표

1/10-1/20 1/30 1/40-1/60 1/70-1/90 1/100-1/120 1/150
2.2kw(3HP 4P) PT2165 PT2200 PT3200 PT3225 PT3255 PT3255
3.7kw(5HP 4P) PT2200 PT2225 PT3225 PT3255 PT3255 PT3300
5.5kw(7.5HP 4P) PT2225 PT2225 PT3255 PT3300 PT3300 PT3300
7.5kw(10HP 4P) PT2255 PT2225 PT3255 PT3300 PT3300 PT3350
11kw(15HP 4P) PT2255 PT2300 PT3300 PT3350 PT3350
15kw(20HP 4P) PT2300 PT2300 PT3300 PT3350
19kw(25HP 4P) PT2300 PT2350 PT3350 PT3420
22kw(30HP 4P) PT2300 PT2350 PT3350 PT3420
30kw(40HP 4P) PT2350 PT3350 PT3420
37kw(50hp 4P) PT2320 PT3420 PT3420
45kw(60hHP 4P) PT2420 PT3420 PT3520
55kw(75HP 4P) PT2520 PT3520 PT3520
75kw(100hp 4P) PT2420 PT3420 PT3520

1.5kw(2HP 6P) PT2165 PT2200 PT3200
2.2kw(3hp 6P) PT2200 PT2225 PT3225
3.7kw(5HP 6P) PT2225 PT2255 PT3255
5.5kw(7.5HP 6P) PT2225 PT2255 PT3255
7.5kw(10HP 6P) PT2225 PT2300 PT3300
11kw(15HP 6P) PT2300 PT2300 PT3300
15kw(20HP 6P) PT2300 PT2350 PT3350
19kw(25HP 6P) PT2350 PT3350 PT3420
22kw(30HP 6P) PT2450 PT3350 PT3420
30kw(40HP 6P) PT2420 PT3420 PT3420