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Top Worm Gear Unit

Deliver Value with the Advanced Gear Technology
Top Worm Gear Unit
Even though the products were old types, these types of worm gear reducers are still used for application for maintenance purpose.

We use worm grinding using Klingerlnberg from Germany, and all the gear and worm wheel is tested by gear rolling testing machine before assembly process.
제품구분 형번 형태 비율구분 감속비
TW 050 U R 30
    상형 1:30

형태 U(상형), B(하형), V(수직형)
형번 50,60,70,80,90,100,120,135,175,200,225
감속비 10:1 ~ 3600:1
허용동력표   형번,감속비율별 동력 전달 능력표(허용 동력)

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