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Deliver Value with the Advanced Gear Technology
Gleason – PFUATER P90
Gear Hobbing and skiving machine
The quality of the reduction gears heavily depend on high precision milling and grinding machines with experienced technicians because all the gears and pinion gears must be worked with highly accurate contact surface. We proudly installed P90 hobbing and grinding machine from Gleason-Pfauter. The machine usually used for produce gears for transmission of automobile. However, we use the P90 for industrial purpose because we promise to deliver the most advanced gear technology to our customers.
Gear Tester from JapanIn 2014, we installed new gear testing machine from Japan to increase the level of precise gear production. With the machine, we developed eTop Geared motors and we are developing new types of geared motors to compete with German and Japanese geared motor manufactures in the global market.